Welcome on board of sailing vessel Spartivento - Sailing vessel Spartivento, traditional sailing in Zeeland and Zuid-Holland

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Welcome on board of sailing vessel Spartivento!


Spartivento: translated from Latin this means "Gone with the wind".
The ship makes itself worth carrying a name like this. It's a fast, but comfortable sailing vessel. With a total of 8 sails, the surface of these sails counts 525 m2. This makes it one of the fastest sailing vessels of the Netherlands.

The crew is really fond of sailing and loves to show you the beautiful nature, but also lets you experience the rush of sailing. On board of the Spartivento, sailing skills aren't necessary. Everyone on board will have a great time; on deck, there's enough space to take a sunbath, relax, enjoy, eat and drink. The active ones on board are being invited to participate sailing the ship. To hoist the sails, navigate by yourself, it's all one of the many possibilities.

During a daytrip, 45 persons are welcome on board. During a longer stay a maximum of 24 persons can join us. Please, click here for more information about the ship.

Less than 12 persons in a group? Take a look at the website of our other vessel; Stormvogel. Or do you wish to sail on a higher level? Then take a look at the website of Magic Sailing, an America's Cup yacht of the 12m class.

From April 2019, our latest gain is also available; Zeewolf. This two-mast clipper can accommodate up to 24 people during overnight trips and 65 passengers for a day. From July 29th till Augstus 11th 2019 we will make a tour through the Netherlands. Interested to sail on this cruise? Please feel free to contact us for the possibilities. 

Hope to see you on board!

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